With wireless Savant control combined with wireless sound from Sonos,

you can enjoy the freedom of your entertainment by putting you back in control of where you need it without the need for expensive wiring!

By being a certified dealer for both Savant control systems and Sonos Wireless audio systems you can rest easy

knowing we have the knowledge and dealer support to not only install it correctly but make sure it will work smoothly for years to come!

Visit www.savant.com and www.sonos.com for more product information.



Some of the products we carry are:

Savant Wireless Control

Sonos Wireless Audio


The mini home speaker with mighty sound.


The mid-size home speaker with stereo sound.


Sonos' biggest home speaker with the boldest sound.


The home theater soundbar and streaming music speaker in one.


The instant music streaming upgrade for your existing stereo or receiver.


The amplified music streaming upgrade for your favorite stand-alone speakers.


The subwoofer for Sonos speakers.