Say goodbye to those pesky monthly or yearly software license fees! Switch to using enterprise grade open-source software! The Tech Doctors is built from the ground up utilizing the best open-source software available to market and you can benefit as well! We use the latest security updates and maintain the software so you can stay focused on the rest of your business not just your IT. With the abundance of open-source software, there is a solution available, no matter how you use your computers and IT equipment for your business.


Learn more about open-source software visit:


Some of the free software options include:



Open-Source Operating system (Windows and Mac OS alternative) - no per machine licenses!

Open Office / Libreoffice

Office document software (Microsoft office alternative)


Photo creation/editing suite - (Photoshop alternative)

Kodi Media Center

Media center software - Watch Video, TV, Blurays, and expand with apps!


Cloud file services (Dropbox/Google drive alternative)

Apache Ofbiz

Enterprise Resource Planing / Customer Relationship Management (ERP/CRM) Software with ecommerce built in - (Quickbooks/MS Money alternative)

Apache Web Server

Self-hosted Website with WordPress installed (go-daddy/google web hosting alternative)


Computer Virtualization system - Run virtual machines for your software and consolidate your equipment.